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MACCSol is an EU-funded research project developing new air-cooling systems for concentrated solar power plants. If successful, our technology will help solar power to be harnessed across the globe, and help the EU to reach the 2020 renewable energy targets.

Global reserves of fossil fuels are decreasing and our planet is suffering from the effects of pollution and greenhouse gases.  We urgently need to increase our use of clean, renewable energy that is kind to our environment. Solar power is an immensely powerful renewable energy source, but current technology is limited by our reliance on water. This in turn limits where solar power technology can be deployed, ruling out arid areas such as deserts which are highly productive in terms of solar intensity. The MACCSol project is developing new technology that removes the need for water in concentrated solar power plants, thus extending our global capacity to harness the sun's energy.

The MACCSol project began in September 2010 and will run until February 2015. It is made up of an international consortium of 7 partners. The project is supported by a €4.1m grant from the EC's Seventh Framework Programme, and is coordinated by Dr Ronan Grimes at the University of Limerick.

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